KarasMichele_Bio photoMichele Karas is a two-time recipient of Slice magazine’s Bridging the Gap Nonfiction Prize and a poetry contributor to Squaw Valley Community of Writers. Her poems have appeared in Mid-American Review, Northern Virginia Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, Thrush, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and elsewhere. Once upon a time, Michele ran away from her childhood home in San Diego to become a singing mermaid in traveling puppet show. Much later, she went back to graduate school to earn an MFA at CUNY  City College of New York. She currently works as a brand messaging strategist for a global television network in New York City and edits poetry for the online journal The Night Heron Barks

Awards & Honors

Finalist, Cutthroat Poetry Prize (2020),
Judged by Carolyn Forché
Single poem: “Birdwatching in the Radiology Unit of Perlmutter Cancer Center”

Finalist, 92Y Rachel Wetzsteon Poetry Prize (2019),
selected by Shara Lessley
Single poem: “Fix”

Finalist, Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize (2018)
Ruminate magazine, judged by Ilya Kaminsky
Single poem: “Portable Saint Cento”

Acceptance, Sewanee Writers’ Conference (2018)
(Attendance postponed)

Acceptance, Squaw Valley Community of Writers (2017)

Winner, The Jerome Lowell Dejur Award in Creative Writing (2016)
The City College English Department Award
Poetry thesis: “The Universe is Made of Small Dead Things”

Finalist, Scotti Merrill Memorial Award (2016),
Key West Literary Seminar, selected by Billy Collins
Selection of poems

Scholarship, SUNY Southampton Writers Conference (2015)
Workshop with Vijay Seshadri (2015)

Scholarship, Slice Literary Conference (2015)

Winner, “Bridging the Gap” Nonfiction Award. (2015)
(Slice Literary Conference), judged by Folio Literary Management
Essay: “Daddy-Daughter Pas De Deux”

Scholarship, Slice Literary Conference (2014)

Winner,  “Bridging the Gap” Nonfiction Award (2014)
(Slice Literary Conference)
Essay: “Runaway Boy”

Winner, The Stark Poetry Award in Memory of Raymond Patterson
The City College English Department Award (2014)
Poems: “My Sister & I” and Others