Poems & Prose




“Wound Care,” Rogue Agent Journal

“Say Uncle” & “Venus Descending,” DeLuge Journal

“So What if Jupiter Will Be This Close Tonight” & “Stuffing Box,” Pretty Owl Poetry

“Rose Marie Bentley’s Aberrant Vena Cava,” Rust + Moth

“For First Wives Who Have Considered Suicide When Water Aerobics Are Enough,”
San Diego Poetry Annual, The Best Poems of San Diego

2018 & earlier

“Cabaret of Saints,” Tinderbox Poetry Journal

“Drown,” The Americas Poetry Anthology

“Lemon Blossom Lane,” Alaska Quarterly Review

“Rain,” Two Peach

“Hymn,” Thrush


“San Diego State University,” Narrative

“Fasten Your Seat Belts…It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Family Holiday,” AARP.org

"For every bedtime story, there is a child whining like a string trimmer about the witch who lives in the wall..."